Monday, May 18, 2009

Hades And Persephone

" must go back again beneath the secret places of the earth, there to dwell a third part of the seasons every year: yet for the two parts you shall be with me and the other deathless gods. But when the earth shall bloom with the fragrant flowers of spring in every kind, then from the realm of darkness and gloom thou shalt come up once more to be a wonder for gods and mortals"

HYMN TO DEMETER By Homer, translated by Hugh G.Evelyn-White

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Ark Project

Earlier this year I was invited to take part in the Arc Project - It's a collaboration of illustrators and contemporary designers from all around the globe to raise awareness of local endangered species. 200 illustrators and designers got a page in a book each: "The idea is to generate an animal bible showing the different species around the globe with artist from each corner of the planet. Each one of them representing an animal or specie from their homeplace"My animal is a leopard - a little smaller then his African brother the Sinai Leopard, (Panthera Pardus Jarvis) is down to less then 20 individuals in the Sinai Desert. It used to be common there and it is mentioned in the bible many times. My biblical leopard is looking quite fierce in Hebrew letters.

The book will be pre-released in July in Asia and will launch officially at the TMDG Design Congress in Argentina in October

Friday, May 1, 2009

Horse Crazy

Last week I finished a book I've been working on for 10 months of late nights. The book is from Storey Publishing and it's called HORSE CRAZY - 1,001 Fun Facts, Craft Project, Games, Activities and Know-How for Horse-Loving Kids by Jessie Hass. It has over a hundred 2-colors spot illustrations (by me!) which makes it look even more like those old fashion books for kids with fun facts, craft project, games and activities and lots of illustrations - something like the girl scout handbook. I used to love those books,
I cant wait to see this one!
(here's a little taste)