Sunday, March 20, 2011

Help Japan

 I got a touching email today from my best most wonderful friend in Japan Ai Miki. She is volunteering to send packages of basic every day needs to the north. Everybody is afraid and in immediate danger. You might feel that a strong country like Japan doesn't need your help but people are going without food power or heat, the old and the sick without medication and babies without diapers. This is a real crisis and it might get worst. If you can help please do. You can donate to any kind of global crisis organization but if you want to be sure your money will get there you can give it directly to the Japanese Red Cross (like I did). Ai wrote "I'm carrying "emergency backpack" that I packed Koushirou's milk and diapers and water, and things to make a fire, all the survival kit...everywhere to go now everyday because we still have strong earthquakes 3 times in a day somewhere in Japan lately... How crazy is that! Sooo heavy..LOL" Stay strong Ai and Kuni and baby Koushiro and everybody in Japan! 
We are thinking about you every day.


  1. Oh my god...I love you ガリア。

    It was the most beautiful, cheerful "Japanese red dot"I've ever seen.
    Your message made many flowers bloomed like this dot in my heart.

    all people have to be ONE DOT to support each other now.