Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My little spot illustrations for the old Aramaic song that ends the Passover dinner. Had Gadya - Little Kid (as in baby goat) - is an ancient, ever so slightly more morbid version of the lady who swallowed the fly. Its all about the circle of life and the power of God.
Happy Passover!

p.s. zuzim is some form of currency

Little Kid, little kid. Our father bought a kid for 2 zuzim. 
Little kid little kid
Came the cat and ate the kid. Came the dog and bit the cat

came the stick and hit the dog. Came the fire and burned the stick

Came the water and put out the fire. Came the ox and drank the water

Came the butcher and slaughtered the ox.
Came the angel of death and slaughtered the butcher

Came God and destroyed the angel of death who slaughtered the butcher,
who slaughtered the ox, who drank the water, which put out the fire,
which burned the stick, which hit the dog, who bit the cat, who ate the kid
Little kid, little kid, that our father bought for 2 zuzim. Little kid, little kid 


  1. The Angel of Death!?! Probably good they skipped that part in the 'Little Old Lady that Swallowed a Fly'... perhaps she'll die? Lets hope not, that dude is frightening!

  2. Well, in both cases it ends with death. The point is that everybody dies at the end but the circle of life goes on. It's not a negative concept, it means that you are part of life instead of the center of it. They just didnt sugar coat things 500 years ago (or a 100 years ago)

  3. Wonderful illustrations! Chag Pesach sameach!

  4. great illustrations, now do the rest of the hagada! ;)

  5. Beautiful illustrations, Galya!!