Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Back! (it's about time)

Hi. It has been so long I am embarrassed to show my face around here... Sorry. I have been major, super fantastically busy but this will soon be over and I'll be able to blog a lot more.
Some news - I'm going to show and sell my work in a gallery store in Brooklyn Starting this September! Its going to be silk screens and for the first time - ceramic work - Im very excited about this. More about it soon. I will be going on a lovely long vacation May 1st to the 20th to see my friends and family in Israel.
As usual while Im there, I will be working on some new ceramics designs and there will be lots of stuff to blog about so stay tuned.
For now take a look at my brand new promotional cards, I really like the elongated ones:

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  1. Selling your ceramic work = exciting! The new cards look lovely :)